Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bundles installation

Before the Change Assistant, the bundles installation was nightmare, because of there was only manual steps. And as a bundle is a set of corrections, there is several steps.

Now, with Change Assistant, there is less manual step, but the time of installation is now incredible long. One day per bundle, imagine, when we have to instal several bundles... In fact, the change assistant lose too many time in file transfer : open/close a ftp connection for each file to have to transfer. It's very consume time.

One solution is to stop the process during the automatic ftp, run it manual, set to complete these steps, and restart the Change Assistant.

Anyway, even the project installation, the datamover running and the sql seems to be slower than manual.

One advantage of auto step, you can read the newspapers (professional newspapers, of course), and learn by OTN forum participation. ;-)

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Rakesh.Parwal said...

Hi Gasparotto,

I am a regular reader of your blog. Here I am seeking some inputs from you on my plan to apply Maintenance Packs and bundles. I am already in HCM 9.0 MP1 ML and want to apply maintenance packs till MP4 in one shot (across the environments). As we have already applied MP1 ML, we can't go for MP4 ML Cummulative... so we would have to go by MP2 Delta, MP3 Delta and MP4 Delta. Can you please suggest a kind of strategy by which we require minimum downtime for production.

We have lot of customization too to re-apply while preserving the MP effects.