Monday, December 18, 2006

OraMag interview

Just a quick note, my interview in OraMag for Jan-Feb 2007 is out ;-)


The Human Fly said...

Nice to see your interview buddy.

By the way, my inrerview was published in Dec/Nove 2006 edition.


Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Thanks Jaffar, yes I'd see your interview, that's always interesting to know a little more about other guys.

Taj said...

Hi Nicolas,
Really Nice to see you interview in Oracle Megazine.


All The Best ...


Dane Hammond said...

I've been reading the SQL and PL/SQL forums... why do you and the other dudes get so worked up when someone post "urgent"? You guys get so tense and aggressive, if only you put that much effort into helping new oracle developers feel comfortable asking for help.

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Did you refer to this thread : Really urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
I don't know if you read it, but I'm one of the posters which give a doc reference, and not only say about urgent thema.
Furthermore, why have you ask that on the forum rather than here ?


Ivan Kartik said...


At first I need to say that "Really urgent" subject is generaly bad pratice and exact phrase is (IMHO) off topic.
There is perfect (and now very famous) document which describes how to (and how not) ask the questions on the forums.
Note, questions on public forums are answered by volunteers which they do at the expense of their free time.
If your problem is really urgent then you have two options how to get a quick answer:
1. use official vendor's support (paid of course)
2. be more specific in the subject and description of problem

Back to Nicolas. I (and not just me) consider Nicolas as very experienced person and his posts are (IMHO) very valuable and I had never seen some aggressive answer posted by him...

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Hi Ivan,
You're too kind. Thanks so much.


Eduardo Legatti said...

Hi Nicolas,
I'm late ... but, congratulations for your interview. By the way, I hope to know the Pyrenees one day. Really, it is an amazing place ...

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Hey Ace of Spades. Is there such an application called Oracle Internet Application Server. If so is the same or different from Oracle Application Server 10.1.2

deepika said...

hi Nicolas nice interview.. hmm.. i work for a DWH firm in India they have started a forum on BI . It would be great if you could share your knowledge with the members here:


Anonymous said...

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