Monday, February 25, 2008

New patches, new policy ?

By the last week, a new patch for PeopleTools 8.49 was out, the 8.49.09. If you're not yet in the PeopleTools 8.49, do not hesitate to jump for this last one. As usually, you'll need to get the password from the Peoplesoft website.

By this week, at the database level, Oracle provide the patchset for Linux x86. It's huge, more than 1Gb, and password protected, even if you have a Metalink access :
"A password is required to download this patch. To verify suitability of this patch, please contact Oracle Support Services. To obtain the password for this patch, please create an SR."
Strange, does it a new software protect policy ?

The password protection has been removed the day after...

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