Saturday, November 08, 2008

Metalink3, the end of Peoplesoft GSC, future of database support

Yesterday, Firday 7th, November 2008, the website Metalink3 has take in place of the Peoplesoft Global Support Center (
That was expected since Oracle bought Peoplesoft. Finally, it is happening.
It is a very big change for Peoplesoft cutomers.
For who work on Peoplesoft for several years, that means a lot of habits have to be change (started with the severity scale and basics words as "case" becoming "SR").

Awaiting the effectivness of the replacement (from the coming Monday, after the outage during this week-end), the Metalink3 was available in "reduce" mode without all the features. That is more likely the Oracle classic Metalink site we know for the database support.

Moreover, it has been already announced, the Metalink3 website will become also the support website for the Oracle Database, eBusiness... the date is not defined yet.

Well, hopefully, that'll help,




Laurent Schneider said...

Metalink3 has been the root of all sins for me, deleting an account from Metalink due to job change invalidated all my credentials, partner, forums, wiki, iLearning, oracle mix...

Take care before asking metalink3 to delete your account!

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Thanks Laurent, I'm afraid, I've already got some issues between my OTN forum account and Metalink3 account ! Could not be on both with different accounts in same time...

Unknown said...

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