Friday, June 18, 2010

A GoldenGate database for Peoplesoft reports

I came across a very interesting MOS note, Deploying Oracle GoldenGate to Achieve Operational Reporting for PeopleSoft [ID 1114746.1]. It explains how build a GoldenGate (replication) database dedicated to Process Scheduler reports, instead of running reports on the primary database.
It takes full advantages of GoldenGate compared to a classic replication like standby database mechanism.
Indeed, GoldenGate allows us :
1) to replicate only a set of tables from source : who knows Peoplesoft database can realize the benefits in terms of space saving on secondary site.
2) to replicate in both directions, from primary to secondary site, but also from secondary to primary : this will be used to run a Process Scheduler on the secondary site, the tables containing the process submission will be replicated from primary to secondary, this will be checked by the Process Scheduler running on the secondary site and it will fire the process. Finally, as soon as the process is done on secondary site, the results are send back to the primary by the replication from secondary to the primary site.
Furthermore, some heavy reports can implies a lot of work regarding the queries and database tuning, and some specifics needs you would avoid on your primary database (bigger temporary tablespace, additional indexes…). So, if you have heavy report managed by the Process Scheduler to run, you could freed your database of this amount of reporting work.
Very well done, well explained in details (including what tables have to be replicated and/or excluded in what direction), this document is worth to read.


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