Monday, September 19, 2011

3 months update later, finally

I did not maintained this blog for quite a while during this last quarter, I should apology to the readers.
What happened during that time ? “Finally” is probably the word to keep in mind for that period.

CentOS 6.0
In July, CentOS finally released the version 6.0. It has been a very long waiting and many people moved away for an other (equivalent) distribution, I named Scientific Linux (see below). I do not know if the CentOS dev. team made the rights choice to go for the version 6.0 before the update 5.7, but truly enough, no update at all for several months is quite unusual and rather disappointed even though that’s a free distribution.
I did not tested this version yet, but according to my reading across a couple of article on Internet, it could have been done much better especially after that long (long) waiting.
Now, we may have to wait for the update 6.1 which has been promised very soon, still have to define “soon”.

CentOS 5.7
Few days ago, earlier in Sept., we also get that update I was looking for several months too. Much appreciated, the upgrade from 5.6 went smoothly, as usual. The only thing for that one was the delay since the RHEL 5.7 date release. Again, a lot of debates on that…

Oracle Linux 6.1
Of course, this is also free (the use, not the support), but developed by a company, a big company, so the time to get the new version is quite different compared to CentOS.
Oracle Linux is available since the 1st of June, 5.7 since August.

Scientific Linux 6.1 and 5.7
An other free distribution of a RHEL recut, Scientific Linux interest has considerably grown since CentOS took too much time for the newest release delivery.
Whether the update 5.7 has just been released, their update 6.1 is already out for a month. Some can argue the developers behind are also paid… still, this distribution has a good chance to see new customers.

Oracle VM 3.0 (August, the 23rd)
After several years of promises, Oracle has finally released a new version of their virtualization software, Oracle VM 3.0. A lot of new things has to be discovered, according to Oracle, it is much better than ever. But have they not too late compared the the concurrent like VMWare vSphere Hypervisor ?

Open World
On Oracle database and Peoplesoft sides, no major thingy, nothing unusual or non expected, the summer was rather quiet. So, no worries.
But the Oracle Open World is just in the corner by now. Probably we have to count on new Peopletools version 8.52 around that event, maybe new Peoplesoft OVM templates as well (?). Saying about Oracle Open World, this year I won’t attend. I hope attendees will report back on their blog about the exciting sessions.

Above all, and most importantly my son is born also the 23rd of August, which explain the delay and absence of blog update a bit before and since then… but I’ll be back.
The only “problem” I have now, the room which was used to be my server room is occupied. I have to find new space for my noisy server and NAS. But that’s the part of the fun to have children !



Duncan Davies said...


Congratulations on your newborn son - I hope he brings you many years of happiness.

It's great that you're back, but you shouldn't feel the need to apologise for being away. You give your advice to the community freely. You shouldn't feel any obligation, anything you can fit in around your new commitments is appreciated.


Gasparotto Nicolas said...

Thank you Duncan.


Laurent Schneider said...



Gasparotto Nicolas said...

Thank you Laurent !


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and family on your newborn! Good to see an update but family always takes precedence.

Fredrik said...

Big congratulations on your newborn and best wishes to your family for the time to come!

Gasparotto Nicolas said...

Thank you all.


manish.pujare said...

Hi Nicolas,

I have one different issue with integration broker,after refreshing current database with some another database i am facing domain staus issue. I found more than one process in queue and after refreshing processes are getting added. I want to keep only one process running. Iam configuring for small domain.