Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Peopletools patches and password protection

Until mid of last year, all the Peopletools patches were available for free download on ftp://ftp.peoplesoft.com/outgoing/ptools
To protect against fraud, the zip files were password protected. And this password was available only for the customers having an access to the paid My Oracle Support website (formerly Metalink, formerly GSC). Just to prove you are a customer.
Since then, the ftp website has been decommissioned, and the patches are making available for download only from My Oracle Support, exactly like all the other Oracle products.

But remained this password protection. No reason for this since you already proved you’re a customer to get the files from My Oracle Support…
So, you got a patch (zipfile) containing a readme (with the password) and an other zipfile (that one containing the installer). This last zipfile is password protected (give the password of the attached readme to unzip…). Hmmm, quite strange, isn’t it ?
Good news, as of the Peopletools patch 8.52.13, this protection has been unlocked.

But remain this encapsulation of zipfiles.
Come on Oracle people, a little more effort and do it simple please: one zipfile only. Next time. Perhaps.


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Michel said...

It's the same with everything from e-Delivery. Everything is delivered in some sort of DVD format, but who still burns the downloaded software on a DVD? I think it would be easier to have one big file instead of several small ones.