Monday, September 28, 2015

Peopletools 8.55

No, it's not released yet. Well, maybe during the upcoming Oracle Open World 25-29 Oct. ? Who knows.
It's not even a RVP (aka release value proposition).

It's called a Planned Features and Enhancements, note #1966243.2. I came across this My Oracle Support note whilst I was looking for something else. It is really worth reading.
An new Oracle internal DevOps team... to make faster development.
Non-exhaustively, we may see coming : more Cloud, more virtualization, more mobile features...
I won't go to the details, but 5 main topics :
1. User experience : fluid interface, peoplesoft search
2. Development tools : application designer (auto-completion), log analyzer, mobile application...
3. Infrastructure : Linux 7 is finally added to the matrix, windows 2008 retired, databases Informix and Sybase definitely out, cloud deployment architecure...
4. Reporting and analytic tools : simplified analytic and enhancement of pivot grid
5. Lifecycle management tools : application dataset performance improved (evaluated up to 50%), search for bug in PUM improved, test framework...
And the list is not limited to the above ! When you read the details, the job done (or expected*) is amazing, every one will get for their money (devs/admin/end user...)
A lot other will come.

For sure Peopletools team keep it up.

Have a good reading.


*expected, because it's not a due job, nothing in the given doc is mandatory to be achieved, this is nothing but a "planned...", well, you know.

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Anonymous said...

There will be no more Release Value Proposition (RVP) documents. On Oracle's PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.55 Documentation Home Page (Doc ID 2052626.1), they state that the document you mentioned, Planned Features and Enhancements, note #1966243.2, replaces the RVP.