Friday, July 28, 2006

First message - presentation

Well, I launch my own blog today. It was a long reflexion, because I had some doubts about time to update blog, what I will write etc.
Finally, I'm decide to write and will see...

About me :
I'm working since 1995, first on an old system GCOS8, cobol and IDS2 database...
In 1998, I switch into Oracle world with a migration project on Oracle Application as a developper.
Later, in 2000, I start with analyze/conception then as admin Oracle.
And from 2002, I'm working as Oracle DBA in a PeopleSoft environment. As an Oracle consultant, I realize some time short missions for clients (backup/restore solution, performance problem, migration, etc.), but my main job is for a PeopleSoft client.
Now, I'm a technical support for development and production teams.

About this blog :
Mainly around the Oracle database, but as my job is in a PeopleSoft environment, I will try to write about PeopleSoft.
About PeopleSoft, it will be only from a technical point of view, I never will say about fonctional - which I don't know - but about : new release, installation of tier party (tuxedo, weblogic, crystal reports), peopletools, application module, what are the tasks of a PS administrator (copybase, security etc.).

Note :
This blog is under my own responsibility, what I write here never engaged Oracle or my company.
As you could see above, the english is not my mother tongue, so I'm sorry in advance if some word or grammar are not as well.
All remarks are welcome.

Good reading,


Laurent Schneider said...

welcome to the world of bloggers ! do not forget to turn on word verification to avoid spam in comments...

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Thanks for advise Laurent.

Ivan Kartik said...

I catched your message :-)
Now you are in my bookmarks.
A said somebody who we know :-)) - "Long life to this website !".

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Thanks Ivan ;-)

Sankaranarayanan said...


This site is too good....



pierre said...

Hi Nicolas, here is Pierre talking to U, the one from the IUT of Blagnac... Incredible ti fond u as Orable DBA Admin now ! Woooaaa !