Saturday, July 29, 2006

PeopleSoft and LONG datatype

Somebody knows when PeopleSoft will stop to use LONG datatype, even into the very last version, there is too much these ones :
SQL> select count(distinct table_name)
from user_tab_columns
where data_type = 'LONG'
SQL> /




Laurent Schneider said...

I wonder when oracle is going to make DBA_VIEWS.TEXT, DBA_SOURCE.TEXT, DBA_CONSTRAINTS.SEARCH_CONDITION clobs...

it such a pain to search in long

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Yeah, I have to say that we always must find some workaround whenever we munipulate these applicative tables... Well, wait and see. -:(

Jaouad ZOUAGHI said...

hi Nicolas ,

it' possible to become a problem when we do a database reoragnisation with move and rebuild Indexes. Table with Long columns need and import - Export ( Or datapump with 10G version )

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Hi Jaouad,
Yes, that's one of the case why it would great that Peoplesoft does no more use LONG datatype.