Sunday, May 04, 2008

Time for upgrades

Since the Peopletools 8.49.10 has been available two weeks ago, I think it's time to manage an upgrade. And fortunately, the Peopletools patches are cumulative, so we can easily jump directly from my current 8.49.08 to 8.49.10.

Moreover, Oracle database 10.2 has seen some weeks ago a new patchset,
It has been certified for the Peoplesoft Peopletools (8.22, 8.46, 8.47, 8.48 and 8.49) with an additional required patch #6376928 for Linux/Unix, and #6981215 for Windows plateform.

Surprising, the Peopletools 8.44 and 8.45 are not supported at all on Oracle 10g (bot release 1 and release 2), and seems even not be planned.

Upgrades to be followed soon.

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