Sunday, August 30, 2009

Metalink3 becomes My Oracle Support

Last year, the GSC - Global Support Customer - moved to Metalink3.

That was only a temporary situation to move all Peoplesoft's customers
(and some others products) into an Oracle support website. This week-end, it is going more and more Oracle, the Metalnk3 will move to the My Oracle Support.

From the email we all received :
Oracle Global Customer Support is pleased to announce the launch of Oracle’s new online support portal, My Oracle Support. This coming weekend, August 28-30, 2009, Oracle will upgrade Oracle MetaLink 3 and officially change the name to "My Oracle Support." This transition will migrate existing OracleMetaLink 3 customers and partners (those using PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, and Hyperion products) to My Oracle Support at

I'm still not convinced by this change, expecially the requirement to use MOS, FlashPlayer need to be installed... and some other inconvenients of the MOS usage itself (colors - too many -, pagelets - not needed -, search features -
not working -...). All we want is a working and simple support website, not a "geek" or "movie" support website with all the latest Internet technologies, just a simple one to use, I'm not saying Metalink(1|2|3) was perfect, but at least it was simple. After all, we are looking for support (the two mains activities from there are Metalink note reading and SR creation), not for bying or to be convinced to use Internet technologies.

There is a thread into OTN forums,
Metalink Classic - To Be Continued but it looks there is no way to avoid the change.

I'm sure, it will be discussed again and again over the Oracle community.


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Prashant Tyagi said...

The are only few things that I liked about my Oracle Support like the Dashboard where we can see all our opened cases with their current status. Also the knowledge browser has improved in terms of search and user experience. Solutions appear in the list and by clicking them we can see the description. Earlier we had to open new windows or to move back and forth in the Webpage.