Sunday, November 15, 2009

Peoplesoft VM : about the App/Batch image - PRCS (in VMWare)

On a previous step, I described the App/Batch server settings and some modifications to be done. If the application server and process scheduler are starting well, the process scheduler is not able to post the reports of the processes. Actually there are many reasons, and we need to update few things before starting the process scheduler (if it is already started, shut it down, and purge the cache) : 1. There is no distribution report node defined for the process server. Note, the name of the process server is NOT PSUNX - as we could wait - but like your dbname. So let's create one : 2. The distribution report node needs to be attached to the process server : 3. The local node is not password authentication, need to be set : 4. The user which is used to start the process scheduler (PS) needs the ReportDistAdmin role : 5. The Gateway is not defined, we need one : And define the local node to be able to ping it : 6. The /etc/hosts on App/Batch server needs to contain the PIA server IP address and name :
[psadm2@psovmab appserv]$ more /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost
::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 psovmab.phoenix.nga psovmab psovmpia.phoenix.nga psovmpia
[psadm2@psovmab appserv]$
The PIA server needs the App/Batch server IP address and name :
[psadm2@psovmpia bin]$ more /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost
::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 psovmpia.phoenix.nga psovmpia psovmab.phoenix.nga
[psadm2@psovmpia bin]$
7. Check if the Domain status (messaging domain) is active, purge all, the non-required will be gone, and the truly active one will remain :

And finally, you can run standard report (e.g. DDDAUDIT, SYSAUDIT, AEMINITEST), they will run successfully and posted as well :
At the end of this long process of installing Peoplesoft templates on VMWare, take backup of the VMWare images before playing around and modify and/or break something. It is very useful, if something is going wrong because of unfortunate modification, restore your set of VMWare images, and restart from a clean install.

Enjoy !


C said...

Hi Nick,
I already finished these steps. I can now see the frontend application, however, I think the cobol files were not compiled. The Peoplesoft 8.5 Installation guide has a section for compiling cobol but that's for fresh installation. Do you have any guide in compiling cobol file in PeopleSoft OVM?
Thanks in advance.

Gasparotto Nicolas said...

C, compiled COBOL are not included in PSOVM, and Microfocus not installed neither.