Saturday, December 26, 2009

Old env, current env, new env

I have mutilple environments in my lab, based on new softwares' version (Oracle, Peoplesoft, Peopletools), OS (Oracle Entreprise Linux) and Peoplesoft certification paths.
Each time I create a new env, basically a new virtual machine, I re-start from scratch to try all the new installer.
But I also try to keep the "old" env alive for a while to be able to test different combinations and upgrade. Unfortunately, that take time and disk space.
Now, within Peopletools 8.50 and Peoplesoft 9.1, it is time for testing, but most of the customer are still using Peopletools 8.49 and Peoplesoft 9.0, so need to keep a copy of it somewhere awaiting a future upgrade. I'm trying to keep each env consistency, same version of softwares for all db, but it is rather difficult, especially when upgrade have to take place (see orion2 description below).

orion1 :

Almost two years ago, Jan'2008, I created my first lab orion1, based on OEL4.6 32bit, Oracle, Peopletools 8.49 and Peoplesoft application 9.0 (HRMS and CRM). Note, all the links about installation on the right side of this blogs are based on this one.
orion2 :
Later, in Feb'2009, following the new software versions and new Peoplesoft certification paths, I "upgraded" this lab to a new one, orion2, based on OEL5.3 64bit, Oracle, Peopletools 8.49.14 (min. required for a Linux 64bit OS), and Peoplesoft application 9.0 (HRMS, CRM and added FSCM).
Lately, FSCM 9.0 has been upgraded to Peopletools 8.50 and Oracle This FSCM database will also be used for an application upgrade test to 9.1.
orion3 :
For few months now we have Peopletools 8.50 and most of the Peoplesoft applications in version 9.1. It's time to create this new lab, orion3 (from scratch). This will also be a good opportunity to update the links on the right side of this blog to the latest version.

There are also the very interesting Peoplesoft Oracle VM templates which must need (must) be maintained. So far only HRMS is there, but hopefully other applications will follow.

Well, a lot of work are coming out, and a lot of docs have to be (re)write as well.




DuncanDavies said...

So are these labs part of your day-to-day role? i.e. are they on Oracle's hardware, or is this something you do as a passion outside of work?

Gasparotto Nicolas said...

Always keep learning. These are on my own to keep myself aware and up-to-date of all the newest version, this is outside of work on my "free" time, or rather on my time.
These environments are hosted on a Dell PowerEdge 2900III server (joined with a Qnap NAS server, 4x1Tb disk in RAID5), reasonable rate between server price and CPU/RAM/storage and evolutivity capacity required for a Peoplesoft study purpose.