Sunday, March 14, 2010

Peopletools 8.50 and IE8

Peopletools 8.50 is fully certified to work on Internet Explorer 8.
However, there are few weird behaviors.

1. Once you are connected onto your application, you should see something like this below :
But on one of my workstation (W2k8), I saw a strange behavior of the same page :
=> Note the logo Oracle is below "Favorite" and "Main Menu", whereas it should be the contrary.
=> Furthermore, the click on "Favorite" and "Main Menu" was not responsive at all.

Despite a purge of local cache, a double check of the IE settings with a working one, no luck.
The only work around I found so far was a reset of all the IE8 setting (Tools/Options/Advanced) :
Then purge local cache/close/reopen the browser, and eventually we'll get a proper and working page.

2. Second thing is the refresh (F5 key) behavior.
Go to any page, here "Absence Request"
Then go to an other one, here "Request Extended absence" :

Finally press F5 key, and you'll come back to the "Absence Request" page... is that what we want ? Is that working as designed ?

3. There is a third one, given to me by one of the developers I'm working with. Go to any page containing a Calendar icon, click on that icon and if you are fast enough (before the entire load of the page), you'll receive an error... SR has been created, and waiting for a Peopletools patch for this one.



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Anonymous said...

I have HR9.1 demo with peopletools 8.50 on windows vista. When you try using the calendar, nothing happened (the date field is not filled).
I try the same with an HR9.0 demo with PT 8.49 and it's working.