Monday, March 01, 2010

Peopletools 8.50 and UK English

Few weeks ago, Duncan Davies asked me a good question about UK English (see comment here).
Whether we can see the UK English language on the Peoplesoft login page (HCM9.1/PT8.50), there is no option to install that language nowhere during the HCM9.1ML installation, and no more within datamover setup.
That's because UK English is NOT a translation or separate language for HCM9.1, it is only defined in Peopletools 8.50.

So, let's have a try.

First, define the UK English as default language in the browser :

Then connect without specifying the LanguageCD (it should take the one from the browser) :
And receive the error, nothing wrong it is not installed, since this is not a translation :
But the same worked fine in ealier release, here below the same in Peopletools 8.49 :

So, to work around, two possibilities, or use LanguageCD-ENG in the URL like here below, but this is not very nice :

Or change the default setting in webprofile for UK English, and this is the one will test here

Add en_GB=ENG
Right now, after bouncing the webserver, the connection without LanguageCD but still with UK English (en_GB) as default language of my browser, everything works fine :

Of course, if you're using the link UK English, you'll still receive the error :

So far UK English is nothing, but an additional configuration to be done, and certainly not an British translation of the based US English language. Sorry guys...
Note (04-MARCH-2010) : none of the application 9.1 are translated, and not planned to be neither, it seems only Campus Solution 9.0 is planned to be translated in UK English later in 2011... maybe an official Peoplesoft note about that would be welcome.

Find out more in the PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools 8.50 Prerelease Notes (Doc ID 846860.1) and My Oracle Support note #988042.1.



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Keith said...

UK English translation has been released for the Campus Solutions product only. Since translations are a part of PeopleTools, someone logging into PeopleSoft from any product will see the option. They may also see some translations in elements that are in common with the Campus product, like Enterprise Portal.