Saturday, October 02, 2010

Peoplesoft and Oracle Edition

What Edition of Oracle database is required for Peoplesoft application ? Easy question, obvious answer ? Not so obvious.

In most of cases, response will be Enterprise Edition. But Peoplesoft works also fine with a Standard Edition as well. See the MOS note
PeopleTools Certification FAQs - Database Platforms - Oracle [ID 756280.1].
If you are not using any of the Enterprise options and features, then you definitely should consider the Standard Edition, it could dramatically drop your license costs down.
Of course, before changing or going for Standard Edition, you should double check your architecture and see further if you really need the Enterprise Edition or not.
For instance, you may not need Partitioning, not DataGuard (maybe a third party tool), not need Total Recall, not need Fine-Grained Auditing, not need Database Vault, no Advanced and Label Security neither (to name only few major features and options)… Then Standard Edition is probably more accurate for you.
Few features are really missing, like Flashback table (only Enterprise Edition feature) which really might help and be useful, and the main limitation being the 4 sockets max.
Find out which Edition is for you
here according to your environment and requirements.
If you eventually decide to move from Enterprise to Standard Edition, the procedure is quite simple, export and import, well

Was it new for you ? So, what Oracle Edition are you using in your Peoplesoft environment ? Would you consider a change for a cost cutting ?


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