Friday, September 24, 2010

OOW2010 – day 5

Last day, but not least. Again, a couple of interesting sessions.

The first was “PeopleSoft PeopleTools Release 8.51 Highlights: PeopleSoft Integration Broker” (David Bain), with several new features for the Integration Broker : documents for the metadata structure creation and validation (non-Peoplesoft data structure), Peoplecode against non-rowset data, WSDL limited. An interesting feature is the document tester. In addition, of Best effort Delivery, Delay processing, FTP, inbound request load-balanced, parallelism of large messages processing, new algorithm of messaging load-balancing. In the futures releases, we could see even more : Peoplesoft Integration Network (simplified configuration and setup), monitoring, introspections of applications interfaces…

The second session of the day was a panel discussion, with a lot of questions about the security, and lifecycle of users. It seems there will be a lot of changes in the coming release, e.g. avoid two concurrent connections with same user (PT8.53).

The last session of the day (and of this OOW for me), “Secure PeopleSoft PeopleTools: Analysis of a Threat and How to Protect Your Data” (Greg Kelly) , or the state of art to secure the company. You can find the presentation on the Greg’s blog :

And now ? Now OOW2010 is closed, but a lot will come out in the coming days and weeks. First of all, flying back home, and have a rest. I need to sleep all over the week-end to recover. I cannot wait for next week to play around Peopletools 8.51 and test several features which are very exciting. To be followed.



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great summary of the conference, and the PeopleTools sessions you attended. I will go and download the published content for the sessions you attended to further educate myself.