Thursday, April 07, 2011

Manage Peoplesoft with OEM Grid Control (1/3)

Few weeks ago, I showed how to expand a Peoplesoft OVM use within a Physical Standby Database, how to enable the Active Data Guard, how a Batch server can run on Data Guard and how a App server can run on Data Guard.

Beside that, still through the given Peoplesoft OVM we can easily expand the Peoplesoft management and test how to manage a entire Peoplesoft environment within Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control. Right, that would required a bit more than just the Peoplesoft OVM. But all easy to get and easy to install.
Oracle is not only delivering templates for Applications layer, such as Peoplesoft, but also for OEM Grid Control (11gR1). The tests will also need the Peoplesoft plug-in for the OMS, the agent as well as the Peoplesoft plug-in for the agent.

Three steps to reach the expected results :
1. Install the OEM Grid Control 11gR1 (that will be done within the delivered template deployment), and the Peoplesoft plugin installation on top of the OMS. – this current post
2. Install the Agent for OEM on client server host, and the Peoplesoft plugin installation on top of the agent. – see here
3. Configuring the Peoplesoft in OEM Grid Control. – see here

1. OEM Grid Control 11gR1
So, first of all, let’s start with OEM Grid Control 11gR1. The template is downloadable on (free registration), Product “Oracle VM templates”, Platform “X86 32 bit”, pack “Oracle VM Template for Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11.1 Media Pack v1 for x86 (32 bit)”, part number B60727-01. There are 4 disks to download, all together approx. 15Gb. Be aware, it is required 5Gb RAM available on the Oracle VM Server…

Then a standard VM template deployment, straightforward even though it took quite a while in my environment.

In the end, the OEM Grid Control is reachable within the URL : https://<ip_address>:7799/em/console/logon/logon

2. The Peoplesoft plugin for OMS
To be downloaded from (free registration), Product “Peoplesoft Enterprise”, Platform “Linux x86-64” (but the results do not differ, it does not matter for Peoplesoft packages), then choose the pack “Oracle Application Management Pack for PeopleSoft Enterprise Media Pack v2” part number B60821-02.
Download the part number V22794-01 named “PeopleSoft Enterprise Environment Management Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager (”. Despite the name, it is compatible on Peopletools 8.48 and above, moreover it is also compatible with OEM Grid Control 11gR1.
Once you have it, open a X-Window client to start the installation within a GUI. Note the plug-in has no installer embedded, it should be installed from within the existing OUI of the installed OMS.
On PSOVM OEM Grid Control, run the Installer from  /u01/OracleHomes/MiddleWare/oms11g/oui/bin :
Then the installation is quite straightforward :
Once installed, in OEM Grid Control, under the tab “Target”, we’ll see one more sub-tab available, “Peoplesoft”:

Next step, the Agent on the target hosts. To be continued here.

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