Saturday, April 09, 2011

Manage Peoplesoft with OEM Grid Control (3/3)

Last part of this series about Peoplesoft managed in OEM Grid Control, once the OEM Grid Control is installed with the Peoplesoft plug-in, once the Agent is installed on the targets with the Peoplesoft plug-in, it’s time for configuring the all thing in OEM GUI.

First, add the Peoplesoft target : OEM_InstPsPlugin_030
The user is the Peoplesoft domain owner (not necessarily the owner of the PS_HOME), for the PSOVM servers, that’s psadm2.
The discovery path is the PS_CFG_HOME. If it is missing from the environment variable, it is going to the user’s home directory. For the PSOVM servers, it is going to the psadm2’s home :
Choose the type you want to manage :
We can link the Oracle database when Peoplesoft is discovered (here the db server was not started) :
OEM_InstPsPlugin_059 OEM_InstPsPlugin_060
And finally, everything selected earlier is now recognized :

From now, we can start/stop (all in one shot if required) and configure the all Peoplesoft domain.

Let’s see the Process Scheduler possibilities :OEM_MgntPsPlugin_004 OEM_MgntPsPlugin_005
Here, we can do whatever we are doing within the psadmin tool from the target host:

Let’s see the Application Server possibilities :OEM_MgntPsPlugin_010 OEM_MgntPsPlugin_011  OEM_MgntPsPlugin_013  OEM_MgntPsPlugin_015


And the WebServer :OEM_MgntPsPlugin_017 OEM_MgntPsPlugin_018 OEM_MgntPsPlugin_019  
I won’t go through every single sub-menus over there, there are too many. But as you can see above, everything we – as Peoplesoft DBA - usually do from the backend, directly connected onto a server, can be done through OEM Grid Control. Rather nice, especially when managing a lot of environments. That’s maybe a bit of work for configuring everything properly, according to all the specificities of the environments, but that makes the life so easier once it is done that I think it is worth to do and to have on board.

Enjoy it.


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