Thursday, October 20, 2011

OEM 12c

A new version of Oracle Enterprise Manager has been released sometime ago, the 12c !
The first thing I can say is regarding the Installer, it now includes all the requisites (well, except database). Weblogic is installed at the same time, no need anymore to look for it, which version, which patch as it was on previous version 11gr1.
The installation can really take a while depending of the network, but in the end it’s really nice :
What a change compared to all the previous version ! And changes do not stop on the login page, it is rather disturbing to get all the new habits, but that’s just a matter of time…
Home page :
OEM12c_033 OEM12c_034
And here the databases list :
I don’t know yet how heavy it is in terms of resources on the server, but looks really nice.
Few things though :
1. no Peoplesoft plugin yet for that version
2. OEM12c Server Manager is only certified within Agent 12c… hopefully all your databases are running on OS which support it.
3. Surprising (for me), it is not yet certified on Linux 6.x

Enjoy it,



Laurent Schneider said...

the 12c agent is pretty puzzling, how are you supposed to migrated 200 agents at the same time? Probably a mass deployment agent procedure, but it is not always acceptable to give OS login to the OEM

Gasparotto Nicolas said...

Hi Laurent, thanks for stopping by.
Indeed, since OEM12c is not suppose to work within previous agent version than 12c, you should upgrade all your agents at once, unless you manage 2 OEMs which is not always possible (1 in your older version, one in 12c).
Except you need to give OS login for agent deployment, you also need a robust network for mass deployment. The fact that OEM12c is certified only within Agent in the same version is a strong limitation which has never been before.
Let's see, maybe customers will complain and Oracle will change that restriction.

Laurent Schneider said...

well, obviously you forget migrating from 8i/9i snmp agent to 10g http agent, which were not compatible at all ;-)

Gasparotto Nicolas said...

Good memory Laurent !

Srinivas said...

Thanks for the information. I'm seeing this in edelivery - PeopleSoft Application Management Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (V36331-01).

Is this the OEM12c compatible peoplesoft plugin or a completely different thing?

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Obsolutely, this is the latest Peoplesoft plugin (PTools 8.53) for OEM12c.