Saturday, October 29, 2011

Peopletools patch 8.52.02 unzipping issue

Peoplesoft delivered the patch 02 of Peopletools 8.52. As usual, the patch is zipped and password protected. But that time, the password contains a “very” special character, I named exclamation mark (!).

Unzipping a file within a password on Unix/Linux is quite simple :
unzip –P password

Now the given instruction is something like this :
unzip –P "pass!word"
The double-quotes should make the command successful in most of the cases even with special characters.

But because of the exclamation mark, it won’t work. The following error is returned :
-bash: !word": event not found

I won’t give the password here (password is available on My Oracle Support only – paid support required), but just a workaround to get the patch unzipped. The instruction should be :
unzip -P "pass"'!'"word"
Note the double-quote and simple-quote around the exclamation mark.

Probably that exception  has been forgotten by Oracle people when building the zip file or when writing the documentation shipped with the patch.

Hope that helps,


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Ram said...

Hi Nic,
In which OS have u made this environment.WOuld be helpful if you could leave the details here.Thanks in advance.