Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We’ve detected that your operating system is not supported by this website

For many, many years, the Peoplesoft users know this (infamous) message on the login page when using, well, a non-supported OS by Peoplesoft.
I remember Duncan found a workaround to hide this message, find out more here. Already 4 years ago…

Maybe I’m out of date by using my old – but very well running – laptop on Windows XP Pro SP3, here it is within the image HCM92004 (Peopletools 8.53.xx) :

What a surprise with the last image HCM92008 (Peopletools 8.54.02), using the same browser and of course the same old laptop and OS, the message is just gone :

Nice, but probably time for an OS upgrade anyway !


Addendum (19-Sept-2014): if my test was done on Firefox 30.0, it’s worth to read PeopleTools Simplifies Internet Explorer Certifications


DuncanDavies said...

What browser are you using on your laptop?

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Hi Duncan, well spotted.
I don't believe that I missed to write it down. My test has been done on Firefox 30.0.


DuncanDavies said...

Well you're right that it's not a supported combination. I did wonder as the Tools team have changed the certification a bit with Tools 8.54 and IE browsers, but Firefox (and Chrome) still use the browser and OS combination so it should be flagging it as not certified.

Perhaps the message has been removed altogether?