Sunday, September 06, 2009

11gR2 64-bits : where is lib32 ?

From the Peopletools 8.49.14, Peoplesoft is fully certified on a 64-bits OS and 11gR1 64-bits (application server and batch server), I already post an article few months ago.
Peoplesoft was still a 32-bits application, but in 11gR1 64-bits, Oracle provided a lib32 directory containing all the required 32-bits libraries, and it worked fine by doing a symbolic link from $ORACLE_HOME/lib/ to $ORACLE_HOME/lib32/

Here we go, 11gR2 does not provide anymore the 32-bits libraries, no more $ORACLE_HOME/lib32 directory.
Consequently, Peopletools 8.49 (application server and batch server) cannot be used within 11gR2 64-bits.

What’s up if you are already on a 64-bits OS ? The thing is, you cannot install 11gR2 32-bits client server on 64-bits Linux (blocked by the Installer).
So, what ?
Well, Peoplesoft does not say anything yet about 11gR2, but most likely, Peoplesoft 8.49.x won't be certified soon on 11gR2 64-bits... you must stay on 11gR1 64-bits, or move your application/batch server to 11gR2 32-bits client (sigh)…

I don't hink that'll easy for Peoplesoft to get this certification (11gR2 64-bits client) for existing Peopletools (8.49). Hopefully, that won’t be an issue for the coming Peopletools 8.50 (note, it won't be certified anymore on Linux 32-bits).
This is an issue not only for Peoplesoft application, but for all the 32-bits application running out an Oracle 64-bits client so far.

Update 1 (07-Sept-09): well it seems to be possible by installing the 11gR2 32-bit client onto a new Oracle home on Linux 64-bits, thanks to Fredrik Adolfsson for pointing me out the right documentation :

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