Saturday, February 27, 2010

HCM9.1ML : Request Absence not translated

Few weeks ago, I installed the multilingual package on top of Peoplesoft OVM (HCM9.1/PT8.50.02).
At that time, I installed French only as additional language without any issue.

Over the testing, it appears the request absence page is not translated.
Here the English page :
Here below the same page once connected in French (note the menu is in French, not the content of the page) :
After a quick tour on our lovely My Oracle Support website, it looks to be a known issue, this page is not translated to any languages, there are missing translation in table PS_HR_SSTEXT_LANG.
There is a fix to be applied UPD817664ML (included in bundle #1). If you have PSCA configured, you should use it of course to apply this update (it is even more recommended), but sinced I'm on PSOVM, there is no PSCA (yet ?), so let's do that manually, after all, only one project and one DMS (one datamover script per language you've installed on the database).

1. Open AppDesigner from a Windows workstation, and copy the project :

2. Check the language(s) you've previously installed on the database :

3. Open DMS, and run the datamover scripts according to the language(s) you've previously installed on your database :

4. Lastly, you can refresh the Request absence page, and you'll see the text content in French (here) or in the language you are connected through.

This fix is a prerequisite of ML installation before going to production.


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