Sunday, September 12, 2010

About Peopletools 8.48 and 8.49

Peopletools 8.48 were the based release of all the Peoplesoft products 9.0. Since Peopletools 8.50 have been released last year, they are not available anymore for download on EDelivery (only the last two version are kept out of there).
Few weeks ago, on
Peopletools OTN Forum, a question has been raised about the installation of HRMS9.0. The poster used Peopletools 8.49 (which was not an issue so far) and got the following error message : “Your Database is on version 8.50, but peopletools being used needs database is on 8.49 version”. Rather strange for an application 9.0 (initially) based on Peopletools 8.48.
But, after looking deeper and have opening eyes by
Smar, it seems there has been a new recut of HRMS 9.0. According to the Supplemental Installation Guide available on EDelivery, it is well explained in clear text : “In order to run HRMS 9.0, you must be using PeopleTools 8.50.03 or higher.
That was new to me, a new recut of an application, I’ve never seen that before. So, be careful if you have to run into it.

Right now, Peopletools 8.51 has been released two days ago, and Peopletools 8.49 is just removed from
EDelivery site… Indeed, they do not keep more than the last two versions available for download. So, If you are still on Peopletools 8.49, keep a backup on a good storage of that version in case you need a new installation (or you should ask to the support for the media).

Of course, whatever your Peopletools version are, you can download most the patches on the FTP site, but not the based version (x.xx.00). Bear in mind, they are password protected, an access to the support is required to get it.


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