Saturday, September 11, 2010


This year I’m going to attend OOW2010. Arrive on Saturday, September 18th in San Francisco.
Then here below my current schedule. You can see I’m not attending to many sessions, I’ll be also in
OTN Lounge to meet other fellows. I’ll also visit the demo ground to say hello to Oracle guys.
On Sunday afternoon, OAUG PeopleSoft Technology SIG
19.30 : Oracle Ace dinner

On Monday :
11.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Release 8.50 Upgrade: Details of a Well-Managed Project (
Graham Smith, Jeff Robbins)
14.00 : Best Practices for Supporting and Upgrading PeopleSoft Enterprise
17.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tips and Tricks (Jim Marion)
19.30 : OTN Night Party
On Tuesday :
11.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Product Roadmap (Jeff Robbins)
12.30 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Release 8.51 Highlights: PeopleSoft PeopleTools in Action (Russell Broom)
16.30 : Oracle Develop Keynote (Thomas Kyte)
On Wednesday :
10.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools R8.51 Highlights: Simplify Upgrade and Maintenance (Scott Schafer)
11.30 : PeopleSoft Enterprise Integration of Oracle Database Technologies (Jerry Zarate, Darryl Presley)
13.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Developer Series: Application Performance Tips (Jeremy Pressman)
On Thursday :
09.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Release 8.51 Highlights: PeopleSoft Integration Broker (David Bain)
12.00 :
PeopleSoft PeopleTools Product Team Panel Discussion (Jeff Robbins)
13.30 : Secure PeopleSoft PeopleTools: Analysis of a Threat and How to Protect Your Data (Greg Kelly)

I keep free time window to add other sessions later on. Hopefully, this will also make having more time to discuss with other, and extend my peer networking.
Moreover, whether working remotely is not a problem, being face to face is often better than from the other side of the earth, to be introduced for new job opportunities.
Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you want to meet each other over there.