Thursday, November 10, 2011

DomainConnectionPwd parameter

A quick note after an issue I was facing to.
On Peopletools 8.51, I cloned an existing database, creating new application server domain and copied an existing web domain. Everything went fine, I could connect onto the front-end application and work… until I bounced the application server. On the Peoplesoft login page, an error was returned complaining that application server was down at that time… where it was obviously up and running.
Checking the application server log file reveals the following :
"ERROR: Jolt client (ip address <ip_address_is_given_here>) does not have proper application password"
After few minutes, solution came in the top of my head. A new parameter introduced in 8.50, DomainConnectionPwd, should match between configuration files of application server (psappsrv.cfg) and web server (
Once fixed and bounced application server, it worked again. But I just wondering why and how it worked in a first place.



Anonymous said...

I got the same problem but connecting OLM to the App.server even with the DomainConnectionPwd set as default between App.Serv/PIA/OLM ..

Anonymous said...

Having same problem on OLM too.
Anyone found a way to solving this?

Seems like the OLM's DES config needs to set this, but I'm not certain how to go about this.