Thursday, November 10, 2011

GUID on Web domain

I was managing Peoplesoft Web domains in OEM Grid Control (11.1) within the Peoplesoft plugin. After cloning different environments some strange behavior came out.

First, the GUID must be unique across the all the Peoplesoft databases (table PSOPTIONS), otherwise databases are somehow pointing to each other. Before starting with the whole OEM configuration, it’s probably better to set it to blank and restart the Application Server. A new value will be given when Application Server will start.

Then I came to know that a Webserver configuration file also contains the GUID. If it is the wrong one, your Web domain will point to the wrong database… fix it by updating the file $PIA_HOME/webserv/…/domain/webprof/option.prop within the proper GUID value.



Anonymous said...

Even better to remove the 'webprof' directory after refresh and then restart the PIA.

Gasparotto Nicolas said...

Thanks, that's indeed a good one !