Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peoplesoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2

It has been announced today, the HCM 9.1 feature pack 2 comes with Peopletools 8.52 and a lot more new features including “A new search-based, menu-free navigation capability allows users to easily locate and navigate to relevant information quickly and in context from any page”, find out the press release here.

It is not available for download yet on edelivery but that should be a matter of hours.
We could also expect the corresponding Peoplesoft OVM template to be release pretty soon, keep tracking edelivery/linux.



Anonymous said...

eDelivery only shows Additional Features (dated Nov 10). According to Oracle support, the full-blown feature pack 2 is NOT available yet. To clear things out: is FP2 released or not ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about that feature pack2 availability issue. I have a question regarding FP2.
1. Customers on HRMS 9.1 Feature pack 2010 with MP2, can they upgrade to FP2
3. Where can I find the information about upgrate to FP2
AB Krishna

Anonymous said...

Do we have any different steps in installation then we use to do for previous realeses of hrms then feature pack