Sunday, January 27, 2008

On The Peoplesoft Road : Web Server - Weblogic

Assuming you've already install the Weblogic.

1. Add the weblogic user (used to install weblogic) in the psoft group

2. Allowed the psoft group to write in the PS_HOME directory

3. As root

[root@orion:/]$ mkdir psreports
[root@orion:/]$ chown root:psoft psreports

[root@orion:/]$ chmod -R g+rw psreports

4. create web server (from $PS_HOME/setup/PsMpPIAInstall)
[weblogic@orion:/apps/psoft/hrms9/setup/PsMpPIAInstall]$ export DISPLAY=0.0
[weblogic@orion:/apps/psoft/hrms9/setup/PsMpPIAInstall]$ ./setup.linux -console

Initializing Wizard........
Launching InstallShield Wizard........

Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for PeopleSoft Internet Architecture.

Using the InstallShield Wizard you will install PeopleSoft Internet
Architecture on your computer.

Version: 8.49.08

Note: If installing onto a BEA WebLogic Server, make sure to shutdown any
running web servers to avoid web server corruption.

Select Next to continue or Cancel to exit.

Press 1 for Next, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Choose the directory where you installed PeopleSoft, commonly known as

Please specify a directory name or press Enter [/] /apps/psoft/hrms9 ***generally, your PS_HOME directory***

Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Choose the installation type that best suits your needs.

[X] 1 - Oracle Application Server

[ ] 2 - BEA WebLogic Server

[ ] 3 - IBM WebSphere Server

To select an item enter its number, or 0 when you are finished: [0] 2

Enter 0 to continue or 1 to make another selection: [0]

Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Select the web server root directory:

Please specify a directory name or press Enter [/opt/bea] /apps/bea/weblogic/9.2
***generally, your BEA_HOME directory which is common accross your Peopletools installations***

Detected web server version: WebLogic 9.2.1

Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Please enter the administrator login and password for WebLogic domain.

Login ID:




Re-type Password:[password]


Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Select domain type:

[X] 1 - Create New WebLogic Domain

To select an item enter its number, or 0 when you are finished [0]:

Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Enter domain name or click Next to select default:


Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Please select the configuration to install.

[X] 1 - Single Server Domain
[ ] 2 - Multi Server Domain
[ ] 3 - Distributed Managed Server

To select an item enter its number, or 0 when you are finished: [0]

Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Please specify a name for the PeopleSoft web site:

Website name:

[ps] dmohrms9
***generally, your database name***

Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Enter port numbers and summaries.

AppServer name:


JSL Port:

***take the jolt port from your Application server configuration file***

HTTP Port:

[80] 8000


[443] 8443

Authentication Token Domain:(optional)

***make mandatory the domain name if you fill it, good to set it especially for production application***

Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Please enter the Name of the Web Profile used to configure the webserver. The
user id and password will be used to retrieve the web profile from the
database. (NOTE: Other available preset web profile names are "TEST", "PROD",
and "KIOSK".)

Web Profile Name:

***generally, DEV for test or dev database, PROD for production, you can change it later***

User ID:

***UserId to start the WebServer***



Re-type Password:[PTWEBSERVER]


Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Select the Report Repository location:

Please specify a directory name or press Enter [/opt/psreports] /psreports
***the report repository***

Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]

Setup Type :

Web server root directory :

Web server version :

Web server domain :

Internet Architecture app name :

Integration Gateway app name :

PeopleSoft Business Interlink app name :

PeopleSoft Online Library Infrastructure :

Environment Management Hub :

Hello Portlet app name :

Portlet Container app name :

Testsuite app name :

Wsrptest app name :

Site name :

Authentication Token Domain :

Application server name :

JSL port :

HTTP port :

HTTPS port :

Report repository directory :

PIA webserver directory :






















Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]
Total time: 0 seconds

Deploy Completed. Click next to finish the install.

The InstallShield Wizard has successfully installed PeopleSoft Internet
Architecture. Choose Finish to exit the wizard.

Press 3 to Finish or 5 to Redisplay [3]


5. You're now able to start the Web Server from $PS_HOME/webserv/domain_name/bin :
[weblogic@orion:/apps/psoft/hrms9/setup/PsMpPIAInstall]$ cd ../../webserv
[weblogic@orion:/apps/psoft/hrms9/webserv]$ ls
[weblogic@orion:/apps/psoft/hrms9/webserv]$ cd peoplesoft/
[weblogic@orion:/apps/psoft/hrms9/webserv/peoplesoft]$ ls
applications bin config init-info lib PSLogAnalyzer security user_staged_config
autodeploy businterlink.txt keystore piaInstallLog.xml psvault servers
[weblogic@orion:/apps/psoft/hrms9/webserv/peoplesoft]$ cd bin
[weblogic@orion:/apps/psoft/hrms9/webserv/peoplesoft/bin]$ ./
Attempting to start WebLogic Server PIA
No activity will be logged to this window.
Server activity will be logged to /apps/psoft/hrms9/webserv/peoplesoft/servers/PIA/logs/PIA_*
PID for WebLogic Server PIA is: 18637

6. The Web Server is started when status is RUNNING, wait few seconds before it's avalaible for service open :
[weblogic@orion:/apps/psoft/hrms9/webserv/peoplesoft/bin]$ tail -f /apps/psoft/hrms9/webserv/peoplesoft/servers/PIA/logs/PIA_stdout.log
7. You're able to connect to the Application within a client browser, the default url is htt://IP_server:listening_port/WebSite/signon.html

8. Use PS/PS for a HRMS application, or the default one for your application :

Still the Process Scheduler has to be done.

Enjoy with your application.


Anonymous said...

IF i am installing an additional PIA site to an already existing domain on which one site is already up and running
(webserver BEA WEBLOGIC 9.2 MP1
is it necessary to shutdown the running webserver domain to install this new PIA site
using ./setup.solaris under PSHOME/setup/PsMpPIAInstall/

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks a lot for putting this together here. I am getting the below error while logging in to PIA.

"Make sure Webserver and Appserver are Up Null"

This is the error in tuxedo log.
145605.rsel!JSH.15273.4155737776.-2: JOLT_CAT:1030: "INFO: Jolt Handler joining application"
145605.rsel!JSH.15273.4155737776.-2: INFO: JOLT Handler version-BEA Jolt 8.1
145605.rsel!JSH.15111.4155877040.-2: ERROR: msgrcv err(LIBTUX_CAT:669: ERROR: Message operation failed because of the invalid message queue identifier): errno=22,qid=23560223,buf=-141135728,bytes=211996,type=-536871423,flag=2048
145605.rsel!JSH.15111.4155877040.-2: JOLT_CAT:1107: "ERROR: Error receiving messages, tperrno = TPEOS, Uunixerr = UMSGRCV"
145605.rsel!JSH.15111.4155877040.-2: JOLT_CAT:1198: "WARN: Forced shutdown of client; user name 'JPOOL_2'; client name 'rsel'"
145607.rsel!BBL.15025.4155283120.0: LIBTUX_CAT:216: WARN: Process 15103 died; removing from BB
145607.rsel!BBL.15025.4155283120.0: LIBTUX_CAT:216: WARN: Process 15111 died; removing from BB
145610.rsel!JSL.15102.4155274928.0: JOLT_CAT:1066: "ERROR: Jolt Handler died, attempting restart"

I am installing tools 8.48 and 8.9 HRMS on SuSe Linux . Weblogic is 8.1.

I also tweaked the ipc parameters.

Can you please share your thoughts ?

Anonymous said...

I'm also having the same error when I try to login HRMS Demo 8.9 online.

Feb 16, 2009 1:07:06 PM init
INFO: Initialization complete
Feb 16, 2009 1:14:24 PM psft.pt8.jb.PPMInstrumentorDBInterface checkConnect
INFO: Ppm JoltSession to hrd2:9010 sucessfully created
Feb 16, 2009 1:14:37 PM psft.pt8.auth.PSAuthenticator SetCookie
INFO: SwitchUser: Setting auth token. Auth Token=PSFT_HR/2009-02-16-
[Mon Feb 16 13:15:12 SGT 2009]bea.jolt.ServiceException: TPESVCERR - server error while handling request
An error occurred on the application server within Jolt while running the service. Cancel the current operation and retry. If the problem persists contact your system administrator. Error Code:10
Application Server last connected //hrd2_9010
bea.jolt.ServiceException: TPESVCERR - server error while handling request

then at the end, it has this:
Feb 16, 2009 1:15:12 PM psft.pt8.psp logError
SEVERE: Error for User: null
Error Message: Unable to get document: Unable to get document.

Any ideas? Im using Weblogic 8.1, Tuxedo 8.1 64bit, Ptools 8.48

thanks a lot for such a helpful site. :)

Raghu said...

Hi Nicholas,

I found a work around for LIBTUX_CAT:669 tuxedo error. There is some issue with the JSH in 64 bit Suse Linux 10 ( not a supported platform ).
Here is what i did.
1) Check your clients local time settings and set it to match with the server to avoid connection expired error right at login.

2) Install tuxedo and webserver in windows client ( i am able to run it in windows XP which is again not a supported config ) and try connecting to your database server.
Remember to modify the equivalent of /etc/hosts in windows and connect to the dbase.

3) Add your C:\ORACLE\product\client\BIN path to PATH variable in Windows environmental variables in my computer. you may get libpsora :invalid version of oracle binaries error while booting appserver.
Thanks for your great effort in putting this blog together,

Katta said...

Hi Nick

export DISPLAY=0.0 when i enter this command it says"not found command"

suggest me something else to take me in

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks a lot,
I am getting the following error when trying to install PSMPInstall


The InstallShield Wizard has failed to install PeopleSoft Internet
Architecture. Please see the following log files for the error messages:

Choose Finish to exit the wizard.

I am installing HRMS90, I successfully installed up to creating appserver and now struck here with creating WebDomain
I used: PT8.49
weblogic 9.2.1

Please help me, I tried to check the silent_install.log but it is not found/file not exist.

sowm said...

Could you please give some more information weather are you installing on windows or Unix/linux and your version of application etc..

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicholas,

I installed People Tools 8.48, then Finance 9.0 application, created database and ran the necessary scripts, Installed weblogic 9.2, then Tuxedo 9.1, when i try to install PIA i get the error " WARNING: The entered web server root directory is either invalid or incorrect version. Pleaase try again. The required web server version is Weblogic 8.15 SP5", while pointing to weblogic. Kindly assist. Thanks in advance.

Prashant Tyagi said...

The error that you got is either due to invalid webserver directory or unsupported webserver version.
As per PT8.48 Release notes, BEA Weblogic 8.1 SP5 is supported. Using a later Weblogic and Tuxedo Version could be an issue. Try installing BEA Weblogic 8.1 SP5 and Tuxedo 8.1. Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicholas,
I am trying installing PS Fin 9.1 on windows, I am having issues with three tier to login"
1) Installed Weblogic 10gR1
2) Installed Tuxedo 1ogR3
3) Configured App Server
4) Trying login using App Designer -three Tier got an error (see below) "Could not connect to application server FDMO1 (//PSOFTSERVER:7000). Make sure the Tuxedo message catalogs (CMDTUX_CAT, etc.) are in C:\FSCM\PT8.50\Tuxedo. Contact your system administrator or check the Tuxedo log for more information."

I don't have directory $PS_HOME\Tuxedo. Please can any quide me through installation.

Thank you
Sreeni R

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