Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Nested VM : Oracle VM 3.4.4 on VMWare VSphere Hypervisor 6.5

More than 4 years ago, I wrote an article about the same subject, find out here.
Other time, other software version, slight configuration setting changes.
So, here we go with the configuration I've done for being able to run Oracle VM Server 3.4.4 on VMWare ESXi 6.5u1.

First of all, in VMWare, create a new network with VLANID = 4095, promiscuous mode set to yes (non-default value):

I'll now assume Oracle VM Manager is already installed, please follow instruction here. I've done it as a Guest VM of my VMWare ESXi hypervisor on this new network ID.

Then create a new Guest VM for hosting the Oracle VM Server 3.4.4 with the following configuration :

Set 2 network adapter, twice on the same network ID created above.

The CPU must expose the virtualization capabilities to the guest :

Guest OS is set to “other” :

Then you can install Oracle VM Server 3.4.4 as per the documentation here.

Once all installed, go to Oracle VM Manager and set the network, create a new VLAN on eth0 (not on bond0) :

Create a new network in Oracle VM attached to the Oracle VM server :

When creating a new guest VM in Oracle VM Server, set the network on the eth1 network :

Now all the Guest VMs running on Oracle VM Server should be all fine and accessible from outside the server itself, from within a client (web or putty or whatever you want to connect with to the Guest VM).

Enjoy !