Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oracle PSU

Within the quartely CPU (Critical Patch Update) of July 2009 available from today, Oracle introduce a new concept, the PSU (or Patch Set Update).
It is a "bundle" of patches including the latest CPU, and the current one includes also the following patches :
*Generic Recommended Bundle #4 (Patch 8362683)
*RAC Recommended Bundle #3 (Patch 8344348)
*Data Guard Broker Recommended Bundle #1 (Patch 7936793)
*Data Guard Physical/Recovery Recommended Bundle #1 (Patch 7936993)
*Data Guard Logical Recommended Bundle #1 (Patch 7937113)
PSU is a cumulative bundle of patches, the concept exists for a while for Windows plateform, but right now, we got it for most of the Unix/Linux plateform.
It is too early to say if that's good or not, I think it is good idea, that could avoid to apply dozen of individual patches one by one. On an other hand, we still should be able to choose between cumulative and individual patches, that'd a pity to have to download and install several Mb file to get a small fix of few Kb.

Find out more in the Metalink notre Intro to Patch Set Updates (PSU) Doc Id #854428.1

Enjoy Oracle database,