Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OracleVM Template for Peoplesoft

October'09, the 26th, Oracle provided new OracleVM templates. These ones are special for Peoplesoft community, there are for Peoplesoft HRMS9.1 running on Peopletools8.50.02.
Please, read the announcement here.
We can download from edelivery website the three following templates (all based on OEL5.2 64-bit) :
1. One template for database (Oracle
2. One template for application and process scheduler server.
3. One template for webserver.

Please read carefully this, there is also a wiki page dedicated to these templates.
Once more, a very nice job !

Right now, OracleVM need to be installed on a spare server to be tested...


Monday, October 26, 2009

Peopletools 8.50 got certification on Oracle 11.2

As of last week, Peopletools 8.50 are becoming supported on Oracle 11.2 (64-bit only).
So far, it is only for RHEL/OEL 5.x, a very good job done by the Peoplesoft team ! I think it was rather quick to get it. A side note, it is not yet supported within 11.2 64-bit RAC.
SLES-11 is also on the way, awaiting the availability of Oracle 11.2 on other plateforms...



Thursday, October 22, 2009

CentOS 5.4 available :
After a "yum update" from a 5.3 CentOS, and a little bit more than 200Mb of downloaded packages, CentOS 5.4 is installed :
[root@hercules /root]# rpm -q centos-release

[root@hercules /root]#



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peopletools patch 8.50.02 zipped

Around three weeks after the GA of Peopetools 8.50, we got now the patch 8.50.02.
I won't follow every single patch, usually one every three or four weeks at the beginning of a release life, but we have to note the format of the package. This is a zip, not a exe file anymore, which we are able to unzip on Unix/Linux and still password protected (you need an access to My Oracle Support), here OEL5.3 :
[root@orion2 PeopleTools8.50.02]# unzip
creating: cd85002/Disk1/
creating: cd85002/Disk1/InstData/
[] cd85002/Disk1/InstData/emocmutl.jar password:
Few weeks ago, I suggested this change on Oracle Mix here.
Thanks to the Peoplesoft team, that will greatly simplify the copy onto the Unix/Linux server...


Friday, October 02, 2009

Peoplesoft and non-certified OS

I recently give answers on OTN forums about Peoplesoft installation on non-certified plateforms. Like usual, non-certified does not mean that won't work, that just means its on your own risk and responsibility.

The first one was Peopletools 8.49 on CentOS 5.3. Since CentOS is a recut of RHEL, and Peoplesoft is certified on RHEL, that should work.
There is some tricky stuff to get it work, but it works. Find out my post here.

The second one was Peopletools 8.50 on Windows XP (32-bits).
Peoplesoft has never been certified as a server (application server, process scheduler and webserver) on Windows XP, however, for learning purpose I can understand the need to install it there. Furthermore, as long as Peoplesoft won't provide the Application Designer tool for an other plateform, Windows is still required to do some tasks (from client side perspective).
From Peopletools 8.50, only 64-bits OS are supported. So, the main question was if that works on a 32-bits XP machine.
Finally, I got it work on Windows XP Pro 32-bits, everything was installed and running fine without any tricky stuff. Find my post here.

Interestingly, the second question makes a remark. All the PT8.50 components provided on edelivery for Windows are 32-bits (you can
even read on the certification matrix the need of the 32-bits database libraries...). Knowning Peoplesoft is certified only on 64-bits OS server (W2k3/W2k8), that makes a full 32-bits application certified only on a 64-bits Windows OS. Why such restriction ?

Again, it is not certified. So, keep it for learning purpose only.