Sunday, May 16, 2010

CentOS 5.5 (and VMWare 2.0.2)

Yesterday the CentOS version 5.5 has been released. It is only few weeks after the Red Hat 5.5, this last update of CentOS was rather quick compared to the previous one.
So, time to try it.
I was especially looking for a solution for the issue I got within VMWare 2.0.2 on CentOS 5.4 as I described few months ago here.
So, before the upgrade I dropped the extra file I used to workaround the issue (please, read the article linked above), then after running a simple “yum list updates” and “yum update”, the system is upgraded :
[root@hercules /root]# rpm -q centos-release
[root@hercules /root]#
I bounced the server, then run a “” from VMWare software binaries, and eventually everything is working fine. The system is stable, the VMWare webserver is not hanging and works fine. No need anymore the workaround needed on CentOS5.4 to downgrade some of the packages…
Thanks to the CentOS team for their hard work and to deliver this update so fast !


Update (17-May-2010) : you may still have issues on some circumstances… please, read my comment below.