Monday, January 26, 2009

Full PeopleBooks on OTN

As announced on the PeopleSoft Technology Blog the Peoplebooks are now available with a workable search feature.
The Peoplebooks are still available in PDF format (less usable) :

But from now, this is a fully working Peoplebooks which are avalaible, a very great new :

Enjoy it !

Monday, January 12, 2009


First of all, I wish an happy New Year to all the Oracle community ! Best wishes, and may the economic crisis don't impact you, or at a minimum level.

What are waiting us for the new year 2009 ?

Well, several new versions are waiting, let's make some bets :
1. Peopletools 8.50, a Web 2.0 ready, and a big difference compared to the Peopletools 8.4x. Maybe for the first quarter.
2. Peoplesoft 9.1, few Peoplesoft applications are waiting in that new version, started by FSCM. Maybe for the second quarter.
3. Oracle, with a lot of bug fixes I'm looking for, let's bet for the second quarter, or maybe the third.
4. Oracle 11.2, let's bet for the third quarter of the year - during the OOW2009 ?
5. Oracle Entreprise Linux 5.3, sometime between the first and the second quarter.

And also a wish regarding the OTN forums, make it more usable and pointless and workable...
Metalink2 could be less funny and more usable...
Metalink3 could be improved, currently many links are still pointing to the old and unavailable GSC...

Enjoy this year !