Friday, September 24, 2010

OOW2010 – day 5

Last day, but not least. Again, a couple of interesting sessions.

The first was “PeopleSoft PeopleTools Release 8.51 Highlights: PeopleSoft Integration Broker” (David Bain), with several new features for the Integration Broker : documents for the metadata structure creation and validation (non-Peoplesoft data structure), Peoplecode against non-rowset data, WSDL limited. An interesting feature is the document tester. In addition, of Best effort Delivery, Delay processing, FTP, inbound request load-balanced, parallelism of large messages processing, new algorithm of messaging load-balancing. In the futures releases, we could see even more : Peoplesoft Integration Network (simplified configuration and setup), monitoring, introspections of applications interfaces…

The second session of the day was a panel discussion, with a lot of questions about the security, and lifecycle of users. It seems there will be a lot of changes in the coming release, e.g. avoid two concurrent connections with same user (PT8.53).

The last session of the day (and of this OOW for me), “Secure PeopleSoft PeopleTools: Analysis of a Threat and How to Protect Your Data” (Greg Kelly) , or the state of art to secure the company. You can find the presentation on the Greg’s blog :

And now ? Now OOW2010 is closed, but a lot will come out in the coming days and weeks. First of all, flying back home, and have a rest. I need to sleep all over the week-end to recover. I cannot wait for next week to play around Peopletools 8.51 and test several features which are very exciting. To be followed.



Thursday, September 23, 2010

OOW2010 – day 4

Second last day of this Open World 2010, so far very interesting but really exhausting.

The first session of the day was “PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.51 Highlights: Simplify Upgrade and Maintenance” (Scott Schafer), with a special key point, with a demo, on the new tool Peoplesoft Test Framework (PTF). This tool, combined with the enhancement of the compare report (now stored in tables in the database !) will change a lot the upgrade process. PTF is running onto a Windows client machine only and need Internet Explorer as a browser (version 7 and above). PTF is a tool for impact analysis, and is a record and playback testing tool. It creates comparable and copyable objects. Everything seems to be done to simplify the regular (yearly) upgrade of the Peopletools that we should do as of now, but it is perfectly integrated in a lifecycle management, upgrade and change management.

The second session was “PeopleSoft Enterprise Integration of Oracle Database Technologies” (Jerry Zarate, Darryl Presley), and again very interesting stuff presented here. Peopletools 8.51 has again greatly changed a couple of things for administrators. For instance, Peoplesoft will take the script back (with DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL package – I’d say finally) before creating a new script when building a project, consequently if a table has been partitioned, it keeps the partitions settings. An other great feature is the Active Data Guard (only within 11g database), from Peopletools 8.51, we can configure a standby site in the application and batch server configuration files. By defining a component as “read-only” (also new in AppDesigner) Peoplesoft will run it onto the standby database if it has been defined and if it is available. It does not work yet for all the processes (COBOL and SQR will follow in future version), but it can greatly improve performance by running a couple of queries/processes onto the secondary site instead of loading the primary site. Many years after the acquisition, we can see now Peoplesoft much more integrated into Oracle database.

Last session of the day, “PeopleSoft PeopleTools Developer Series: Application Performance Tips” (Jeremy Pressman), not Peopletools 8.51 specific, but great advices to improve performance following some rules. For instance, use temporary tables where possible, avoid nested views but tables, on a grid use multiple hide columns at a time instead of one by one, avoid long field in a grid or use a view, from Peopletools 8.50.12 use “Get Next Number With Gap” (GNNWGC, MOS note #1067463.1), use _UNNEST_SUBQUERY=false (I already wrote an article last year about hat

Tomorrow, last day, “it’s a wrap”…


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OOW2010 – day 3

Today was an exciting day for Peopletools stuffs.

First of all was the session “PeopleSoft PeopleTools Product Roadmap” (Jeff Robbins) with a lot of announcement and planning for the future of Peoplesoft. As of now, a new Peopletools release will be out on 12 months basis. There will be the major releases (Peopletools 8.50 is) and minor releases (the next two ones). Major releases will be the based releases for the new applications delivered on a 3 years basis. It could be resume as following :
Peopletools 8.50 => Application 9.1 (2009)
Peopletools 8.51 and 8.52 => Application feature packs (2011/2012)
Peopletools 8.53 => Application 9.2 (2013)
Peopletools 8.54 and 8.55 => Application feature packs (2014/2015)
Peopletools 8.56 => Application 9.2 (2015)
A couple of changes in the licenses, Oracle won’t provide anymore the applications from tier vendors (e.g. Crystal Reports, Business Objects…). Furthermore, the IBM COBOL compiler (currently only available on AIX and Windows but could be soon on Linux as well) is coming around with 25% of discount (it is worth to re-read your current fees, see MOS note #1212164.1).
And now about the new features coming in Peopletools 8.51 (non-exhaustive list):
* Smart navigation : application navigation by hierarchical data, persistent search page
* Embedded help
* Peoplesoft Test Framework : to simplify the upgrade, run compare report directly onto the database, test case, estimate level effort, automated system test…
* Work Center Framework
* Security, Integration and Plateform
* Active Dataguard (11g+)
That was 1 hour session, intensive and informative. Now we just have to download, install and play with this new version to see by ourselves.

My second session of the day was also dedicated to Peopletools 8.51, “PeopleSoft PeopleTools Release 8.51 Highlights: PeopleSoft PeopleTools in Action” (Russell Broom). Also a very detailed and informative session, especially about the features coming automatically or not (to be activated manually) within a Peopletools upgrade only.
* The Work Center is still limited within Peopletools 8.51 but it will be expended within the future versions.
* Embedded help is a modeless window (manual step after Peopletools only upgrade)
* A lot about widows : modal, modal prompt, modal zoom, modal secondary page
* Persistent search (manual step after Peopletools only upgrade)
* Related content

The last session was not Peopletools 8.51 focused, but not less interesting, “Peopletools : Secure Coding Practices” (Greg Kelly), or the state of the art of the security coding. Greg gave a lot of advices and some rules to follow to protect the code against SQL injections. A very good remind to be applied on every project !

I’m looking forward tomorrow, some more highlights on Peopletools 8.51 (Upgrade and Maintenance).


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peoplesoft OVMs ELM9.1 and FSCM9.1

Whilst the OOW is running, two new Peoplesoft OVM are now available ! ELM9.1 and FSCM9.1.
Right now, we have a complete solution available within Oracle VM template, HCM, CRM, PS (Portal Solution), ELM and FSCM all on 9.1 and Peopletools 8.50.xx.
Find out more :


OOW2010 – day 2

Today Well, yesterday, was an interesting day. I attended few sessions and learned few things, especially on Peopletools 8.51 even though the sessions were not focused on these Peopletools 8.51.
The first session, “PeopleSoft PeopleTools Release 8.50 Upgrade: Details of a Well-Managed Project” presented by Graham Smith was interesting, not technical, but rather a success story of an upgrade to Peopletools 8.50 and the key points to pay attention on this version, especially the move from 32bit to 64bit. Graham could spent a couple of hours to speak about that experience, unfortunately the session was limited to one hour…
The second session was more formal, “Best Practices for Supporting and Upgrading PeopleSoft Enterprise”, how to integrate My Oracle Support (MOS) and Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) into your Peoplesoft environment. Well, we could again spent a lot of time to discuss this topic, MOS is not yet the most appreciate support website. Regarding the upgrade to the Peopletools 8.51, few new interesting features : improvement of compare report, usage monitor and Peoplesoft test framework (record application tasks).
Since I had time, I attended by curiosity an non-scheduled session (non-scheduled for me), “Deploy Peoplesoft on Oracle Exadata”. I think this session was the most technical session that I ever seen in OOW. It was simply amazing how the Oracle guys knows deeply what he was talking about and how passionate he is. The main topic here was to test a enormous payroll (on 500,000 employees) on Exadata and how was the behavior of this Exadata combined with a RAC system. The results were amazing ! Everything possible to tune has been done within Peoplesoft Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) : as a reminder the Full Table Scan are done onto the server and only the results are returned, high ratio of column compression, Smart Flash Cache, Fast Application Notification (from 8.50.09)…
I can only regret that I cannot pay play with an Exadata machine. Again, even if the focus was not about Peopletools 8.51, new features has been told and not the least : partition capabilities on Application level (after so many years !) and also Peoplesoft application on a Standby database (with local and remote synonyms).
My last session of the day was “PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tips and Tricks” by Jim Marion. Jim showed a lot of tricks with Ajax and Mobile application features. I’m not a developer, but the session has been made for all public and was rather interesting. During a demo on a Peopletools 8.51 install, we saw that the click on the menu changed from the Peopletools 8.50, in 8.51 it opens the sub-menu, not the page.

All this makes promising the following days with few sessions Peopletools 8.51 dedicated.


Monday, September 20, 2010

OOW2010 – day 1

Today was the day 1 of the Open World, version 2010. At a first glance, it is much bigger event than ever. Very impressive, 41,000 attendees.
Well, today was a quiet day, registration took some times, a lot of people doing the same. And very few sessions, especially few on Peoplesoft side. I was in “OAUG PeopleSoft Technology SIG session”, it was mainly focused on vaulted a Peoplesoft database. It was not my expectations about this session, a too short session and unfortunately not many test cases, but still informative.
And tonight was this lovely Oracle Ace diner on a boat in the San Francisco Bay, thanks to the OTN team for the organization !
Tomorrow will really start the Open World with a couple of interesting sessions.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Peoplesoft OVM CRM9.1

One more Oracle template for Peoplesoft is available, the Peoplesoft OVM CRM9.1, please find out more :

Based on CRM9.1, Peopletools 8.50.09, this is now the third template available for Peoplesoft (after HCM9.1 and Portal Solution 9.1). To be downloaded from EDelivery.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

About Peopletools 8.48 and 8.49

Peopletools 8.48 were the based release of all the Peoplesoft products 9.0. Since Peopletools 8.50 have been released last year, they are not available anymore for download on EDelivery (only the last two version are kept out of there).
Few weeks ago, on
Peopletools OTN Forum, a question has been raised about the installation of HRMS9.0. The poster used Peopletools 8.49 (which was not an issue so far) and got the following error message : “Your Database is on version 8.50, but peopletools being used needs database is on 8.49 version”. Rather strange for an application 9.0 (initially) based on Peopletools 8.48.
But, after looking deeper and have opening eyes by
Smar, it seems there has been a new recut of HRMS 9.0. According to the Supplemental Installation Guide available on EDelivery, it is well explained in clear text : “In order to run HRMS 9.0, you must be using PeopleTools 8.50.03 or higher.
That was new to me, a new recut of an application, I’ve never seen that before. So, be careful if you have to run into it.

Right now, Peopletools 8.51 has been released two days ago, and Peopletools 8.49 is just removed from
EDelivery site… Indeed, they do not keep more than the last two versions available for download. So, If you are still on Peopletools 8.49, keep a backup on a good storage of that version in case you need a new installation (or you should ask to the support for the media).

Of course, whatever your Peopletools version are, you can download most the patches on the FTP site, but not the based version (x.xx.00). Bear in mind, they are password protected, an access to the support is required to get it.


Saturday, September 11, 2010


This year I’m going to attend OOW2010. Arrive on Saturday, September 18th in San Francisco.
Then here below my current schedule. You can see I’m not attending to many sessions, I’ll be also in
OTN Lounge to meet other fellows. I’ll also visit the demo ground to say hello to Oracle guys.
On Sunday afternoon, OAUG PeopleSoft Technology SIG
19.30 : Oracle Ace dinner

On Monday :
11.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Release 8.50 Upgrade: Details of a Well-Managed Project (
Graham Smith, Jeff Robbins)
14.00 : Best Practices for Supporting and Upgrading PeopleSoft Enterprise
17.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tips and Tricks (Jim Marion)
19.30 : OTN Night Party
On Tuesday :
11.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Product Roadmap (Jeff Robbins)
12.30 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Release 8.51 Highlights: PeopleSoft PeopleTools in Action (Russell Broom)
16.30 : Oracle Develop Keynote (Thomas Kyte)
On Wednesday :
10.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools R8.51 Highlights: Simplify Upgrade and Maintenance (Scott Schafer)
11.30 : PeopleSoft Enterprise Integration of Oracle Database Technologies (Jerry Zarate, Darryl Presley)
13.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Developer Series: Application Performance Tips (Jeremy Pressman)
On Thursday :
09.00 : PeopleSoft PeopleTools Release 8.51 Highlights: PeopleSoft Integration Broker (David Bain)
12.00 :
PeopleSoft PeopleTools Product Team Panel Discussion (Jeff Robbins)
13.30 : Secure PeopleSoft PeopleTools: Analysis of a Threat and How to Protect Your Data (Greg Kelly)

I keep free time window to add other sessions later on. Hopefully, this will also make having more time to discuss with other, and extend my peer networking.
Moreover, whether working remotely is not a problem, being face to face is often better than from the other side of the earth, to be introduced for new job opportunities.
Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you want to meet each other over there.


Peopletools 8.51 GA

About one year after Peopletools 8.50, the next generation, Peopletools 8.51 is now available.
As usual, download it from
EDelivery and don’t forget the first patch 8.51.01 to be applied, to be download from FTP website.
The documentation is also available online on the
OTN hosted Peoplebooks.
And here the announcement :