Tuesday, May 08, 2012

PSOVM FSCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2 (Peopletools 8.52.03) / Apr-2012

Exactly one year after the previous PSOVM template on FSCM9.1 FP1 (Peopletools 8.51.x), there’s a new one, based on FSCM 9.1 Features Pack 2 and Peopletools 8.52.03. So, it looks particularly an interesting step forward.
As usual, it’s downloadable on https://edelivery.oracle.com/oraclevm
The documentation about this new template can be found here : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29416_01/psft/html/docset.html

Whether there’s nothing much new in the database template (the database seems to be stucked on Oracle, there’re several things we should take care of before going on. The questions prompted on the first Apps template instantiation must be clearly understood to avoid further problem and mistake.
1) Demo environment [y|n] : choose ‘y’ if you want the AppServer connect to a FSCM template, ‘n’ otherwise.
2) Configure a Decoupled Appl Home [y|n] : choose ‘y’ if you want to work on an Application database (here FSCM), ‘n’ otherwise (Peopletools only database).
Depending of the answers you are given, there’re some other questions prompted which are not totally clear yet, at least not documented.

Last and not least, the Apps/Batch/PIA template deployment suffers of a bug, there’s nothing about network configuration (IP address, Netmask, Gateway, DNS). So, it’s using DHCP, period. That’s certainly not what we want from a server, especially on a PIA server which must be reachable from any client in the network.
There’s a workaround though.

For the two aspects mentioned above, getting more explanation about the prompted questions and the workaround to make the template deployment successful, I only can advise you to read the following thread I’ve created in OTN Forum dedicated to Peoplesoft OVM, there’re very answers from Sheshi : About the template FSCM9.1 FP2 Peopletools 8.52.03 (v3)

That’s a pity, the lack of documentation and the deployment bug on Apps/Batch/PIA may refrain people to use PSOVMs even though they’re still good for those who want to build quick (but not dirty) environment.

Awaiting a new recut, I hope this help people trying to make it work,