Thursday, October 30, 2014

Peoplesoft HCM92 image #9

It has been released earlier this week, time to move to VMWare ESXi.
My workaround I described here is still working. To make it short, updating the ovf file as below:
1. ovf:capacity=(ovf:capacity*2)-64512 (I used diskMode=thin in the VM disks’ definition for the import)
2. <OperatingSystemSection ovf:id="101">
3. <Description>oracleLinux64Guest</Description>
       <vbox:OSType ovf:required="false">oracleLinux64Guest</vbox:OSType>
4. <vssd:VirtualSystemType>vmx-08</vssd:VirtualSystemType>

And the VM starts properly.



Thursday, October 09, 2014


PS_JOB is probably the most popular and well known table in Peoplesoft HCM… The name explains by itself the content, job data component is in there.
If I would have a table on my own, I’d like to add line(s) with my name in it…
It just means that I’m always looking for a new contract. This is the intent of that blog entry. Sorry to the people who are seeking a technical subject, it’s definitely not.

Who am I ?
I hope this blog name is clear enough about my job. I’m an Oracle and Peoplesoft administrator.

I have 19 years of experience. For the last the 14 years I worked on a various of projects which gave me strong skills on my areas. Implementation of Peoplesoft from scratch, upgrade, maintenance. Oracle administration, tuning, always in Peoplesoft context. On Unix (HP, AIX), Linux or Windows, that’s the daily task.
I worked for small as well as large organizations, I used Oracle from version 7 up to 12, OEM 8 up to 12. You can find several posts across my blog for technical articles on all these different aspects regarding my job.

My job is however more than a job, it’s really a passion. I hope this 8-years old blog is showing the high level of my motivation. Everything here has been tested on my own, within my own lab I invested in. Because I think reading documentation and testing are the secret of learning and being up to date of the latest version and new introduced features…
Building my own lab also showed here by a lot of articles, made me going through other technologies like virtualization software, such as Oracle VM and VMWare ESXi.

I also spent a lot of time trying to help people on the Oracle Database General and Peoplesoft forums. It’s a very good way to learn a lot.

Find out more on my LinkedIn page.

What am I looking for ?
Always looking for new opportunity, I’d like to continue in this exciting Oracle/Peoplesoft world !
Having new contract, on site or remotely, everything can be discussed. Do not hesitate to contact me for the details, I’ll give an answer. You have my words.

The show must go on on the Peoplesoft road.