Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OT: QNAP firmware update

About two years ago in 2008, I bought a NAS server, QNAP TS-409 Pro to host all my virtual machines and all the software deposits.
It was working fine, 4 hard disks 1Tb in RAID-5, despite an unfriendly GUI. The webserver was really crazy, non intuitive and non friendly either (as far as I remember, it was firmware version 2.0.1) ! 
Later in Jul-2009, Qnap released a new version of the firmware 3.1.0, finally offering a much better user interface. It always scared me to touch such firmware on a NAS server, anything can goes wrong, crashing and losing for ever your NAS data during flash.
This is one of the reason I’m always waiting for a couple of weeks or months after the new firmware version release to apply it onto my device.
The last firmware version, 3.3.0 (Sept-2010), did not make exception, especially since it does not change that much the GUI (compared to version 3.1.0), but rather a big bug fixes patch.
Applying it was fortunately not painful at all, and rather quick. After a bounce of the server, everything get back working as expected.
The only thing I’ve had to take care is the email alert notification which does not work. I found an old thread in Qnap forum about that issue suggesting the following (add the last two lines in bold):
Thanks to the community forum and long life to Qnap !


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