Friday, October 28, 2011

Peopletools 8.52 is released !

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry about Peopletools 8.52 to get the infrastructure ready. Now it is done, Peopletools 8.52 is here, it has been released !
Available on edelivery, it is 3 disks (rather funny the 3rd is only 18M).
As previously announced no more WebSphere and COBOL software shipped within the Peopletools bundle.
A good surprise, a Windows client dedicated installer (Windows Client only - 598M, could make life easier on workstation).
Unless it is still too early, I did not see the traditional first patch on for the corresponding release (on My Oracle Support neither), to be tracked.
As far as I read the Installation Documentation (available on edelivery), the installation itself does not change that much, I'll write a blog entry as soon as I'll done with one install. However, there's a really big change with the PSADMIN menu, it is worth to try !

Last but not least, so far none of the applications have been recut yet with the new Peopletools version, so be careful and do not forget to manage a Peopletools upgrade of your newly application installation within that Peopletools 8.52.

To be continued with the install,


NB (28/10/2011 18:44 CET) : I was probably far too optimistic on patch, the “first” patch is now available, but not as 8.52.01, rather odd, but that’s 8.52.02, see
NB (29/10/2011) : and here the announcement

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