Saturday, September 08, 2012

PSOVMs Jul-2012

Just three months after the release of the PSOVM FSCM 9.1 FP2, a new version has been delivered on edelivery earlier in July.
That’s the shortest time as never before between two PSOVMs releases for the same application.
And since the Peopletools versions (8.52.03) are the same as well as all the components out there (same Feature Pack), I’m pretty sure that’s nothing but a bug fix release.
I did not tested yet, but there was (at least) one bug. I’ve reported it on the previous PSOVM FSCM delivered in Apr-2012 in an other blog entry.
At that time, I’ve created a thread in PSOVM OTN forum dedicated, there was a good given temporarily workaround by Peopletools OVM folks.
Hopefully this new release fix it.

In the meantime, a new PSOVM has also been released for HCM 9.1 FP2 running on Peopletools 8.52.06 (the previous one was HCM9.1FP1 from Dec-2010 on Peopletools 8.51.02).

All available on

To be tested as soon as my server will be up again. I moved to a new house this summer, and now need to find a room that all the family won’t be disturb that much by this noisy server…
Of course, I also could follow the very nice Jim blog’ journal on how to convert the PSOVMs for VirtualBox. But, my server contains everything needed to run Oracle VM – so why not to use it, and my laptop is probably not strong enough to do it. But worth to read.


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