Friday, November 30, 2012

Integration Network WorkCenter and Statistics

I presented the Integration Network WorkCenter in my two previous blog entries, part 1 and part 2.
I should have make this one as part 3, but the statistics are not new in Peopletools 8.52 whereas Integration Network WorkCenter is new.

On the Network Monitor Setup page, you can activate the “IB Profile Status On” which turn on the inbound/outbound asynchronous/synchronous messages statistics.

Note : the all and main thing of WorkCenter is based on synchronous messages.

Let’s see how it is interacting with the statistics.

First, let’s activate the statistics on local and remote systems :

On local system, go to the Network Monitor, select a remote node, and re-synch the data :

On local system, go to the statistics page and choose outbound synchronous :
And here, you can see the new message (the only one), just came after the previous refresh (or rather after the previous synchronization) :

Now on the remote system, go to the statistics page, but this time, choose inbound synchronous :
The same message as above is there :

Of course, all this will work only after setting all the required steps to make the WorkCenter working properly and after activated all the routing of operation depending of IB_NETWORK service.

Seeing statistics between the two systems can really be helpful if there’s some slowness, especially within the messages triggered by transactional like WorkCenter and waiting answer from the remote system.


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